Jocelyne Watts

SAG/AFTRA- Eligible

Height: 5'5"      Weight: 120lbs.

Ethnicity: Chinese & Caucasian



Avenging Angel           Lead                        Dir. Travis Brehm

The Late Shift             Lead                        Dir. Ian Donnelly

Who's There?              Lead                        Dir. Michael A Isaacs

Predetermined             Lead                        Dir. Rommel Andaya

Climbing the Order     Lead                       Dir. Andrew Bundy

Ephemeral                    Lead                       Dir. Bria Lynn Massie

Calaveras                      Lead                       Dir. Elina Dmitrieva

A Truth in the Sand     Supporting              Dir. Bandar Almutairi

Entourage                   Volleyball Player       Dir. Doug Ellin


Stardust                         Guest-Star          Infinite Shadows Ent.

Unusual Suspects           Co-Star              Investigation Discovery 


Seven X's                                 Tara (Lead)           Douglas Knox 

The Madman and the Nun      Elina (The Nun)   UCLA Theatre

My Baby                                  Kate (Lead)           UCLA Theatre

Uncommon Women                Rita (Lead)            UCLA Theatre

The King and I                        Tuptim               Sharon Radashaw

Twelfth Knight                         Olivia (Lead)     Sharon Radashaw

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UCB Improv 101                   Deborah Tarica

Actors Consortium                  Kevin D'Arcy

Monkey Butler Improv            Philip Cambre

On Camera Acting                   Karissa Vacker

On Camera Acting                   John Walcutt

Expressions Unlimited             Bobbie Chance

UCLA- Acting Fundamentals  Abby Galstad

UCLA- Intermediate Acting    Marek Probosz

UCLA- Acting Workshop        Michael Hackett

Stage Combat- Film & TV      Tim Weske


Athletics: Swimming (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke)- Advanced; Running (1.5-2 miles 3x
weekly; 7.25min/mile)- Advanced; Yoga- Intermediate-to-Advanced; Cheerleading- Intermediate
Combat: Mixed Martial Arts (Karate, Kickboxing)- Intermediate; Stage Combat- Intermediate
Dance: Jazz, Tap, Ballet- Intermediate
Accents: New Jersey- Advanced, Southern- Advanced, English- Intermediate, Russian- Intermediate
Miscellaneous: Certified Bartender (National Bartending School), TiPS Certified- 5 yrs. working experience;
Lab Research Assistant- B.A. in Psychology from UCLA, GPA 3.9, Conducted experiments